Thursday, March 22, 2012

Arizona Jewels Manicure

Turquoise and Silver Conversation Starting Manicure

With spring comes fresh concepts. I only really care about fashion in the Spring because of the splattering of colors that arise out of a dreary and long winter. Manicures are another way of adding a statement to your wardrobe. Inspired by this link, I attempted a turquoise and silver manicure that is designed to turn heads.

  1. Apply a base coat after filing nails into perfect shape. Paint entire nail turquoise. Use two coats for a bold color. Let dry.
  2. Take tin foil and cut into right angles that are about the same size and will fit on your nail.
  3. Use top coat as an adhesive to make the tin foil stick to your nails and then put a thick layer of top coat to finish it off. File off any access tin foil for a flawless look.