Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Comeback Kid: MySpace 2012

I'm speechless. If you asked me less than 24 hours ago, my thoughts on MySpace were as followed: 
outdated, sketchy, emo-children-taking-selfies, reject, failure.

Well guess what? MySpace is starting over...from scratch. It still keeps to it's mission by providing a platform to truly represent yourself, but now it's in a modern and sexy way. Wow, did I just call MySpace sexy? 

Justin Timberlake has his hands deep in this reinvention along with investors (cough, cough "The Social Network" anyone?)

Personally, I think starting it from scratch was a brilliant idea. There was no saving the old platform. The old MySpace was a test run for many social media sites we use today and we should all be grateful for its role in our Internet endeavors, but it couldn't stand the test of time. I have always appreciated the musical influence the site had on my life, but I learned to use other sources for my musical exploration. But this? This new sleek layout connecting music to playlists, integration with all other social media platforms, sharing events and soundtracks with friends and it's futuristic design is unlike anything I've ever seen before (ok, well maybe I have, but not all on one platform!) 

While not yet released, I have put my name down on the wait list to get in. Instead of me telling you anymore, go check it out for yourself. Be prepared to be amazed.


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