Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Dorm Room Nibbles

I woke up with sore abs this morning, which was a painful, yet wonderful feeling. I'm got cardio down, but my ab workout was never sufficient enough. So yesterday I asked my roommate to show me some of her awesome ab workouts. Pain is gain, I guess!

Anyway, on another note...

I have a set list of foods I keep in my room for my disposal. As a college student, I know I don't get the proper nutrients I need on a daily basis, which is part of the reason I take multivitamins and have a fridge full to the brim of every food group.

Arnold Light Sliced Bread has cured my fear of sandwiches. It gives you a great serving of carbs and fiber without overloading.
Greek Yogurt is a staple for me, something I can grab as I'm running to class in the morning.     

I drink a TON of water. Crystal Light helps me stay hydrated throughout the day.

I usually drink a protein shake in the morning and I supplement it with So Delicious Coconut Milk. My favorite is the unsweetened version. While it has a distinctly different taste than cow milk, I barely notice the difference in my protein shakes. Plus its full of MCFA's (the good form of cholesterol).

These protein bars by Shaklee literally get me through the day. The blueberry almond is the newest and also my favorite bar :)

I always get hungry around 3pm-5pm and if I don't have some veggies (stolen from the dining hall of course), I am sure to pick up something unhealthy.

An apple a day keeps the tummy grumbles away. My obsession with this fruit has lead to me collecting them and placing them on my desk for an easy energy boosting snack.

Diet hot chocolate is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. It's my late night craving savior.

Speaking of chocolate..Jello dark chocolate temptations mousse  are my favorite mini desserts-a great pick-me-up after writing a 10-page research paper.

What staple foods do you have in your rooms?

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