Friday, March 8, 2013

BluePrint Cleanse Review

Hey, all! I'm back with my next set of reviews of a different cleanse. This one is much less time consuming, but it makes up for this in cost ($$$). It's called BluePrint Cleanse.

I've had these drinks constantly for the past year, but more so as a snack or meal filler on days I was trying to eat lightly. So I thought it was time to take it to the next step and try the 3-day "excavation" cleanse program the company offered.

Of course, coming home from college, my parents were skeptical of me trying this cleanse. Even to the point of bringing it up to my doctor. But I assured them with the main point I want to make to whoever is reading this: this is not for weight loss!!! Doing this cleanse is about cleansing the toxins out of your body, gaining mental clarity, clearer skin and most importantly, tap into your inner self. Cleanses are a ver personal process, one that is not always the most enjoyable. But by the last day, you feel more in touch with your mind and soul.

Okay...and the super flat stomach for a couple days doesn't hurt.

Day One

On this cleanse, I truly find that the drinks keep we very fulfilled the entire day. I don't have to worry about being in the kitchen because they are all pre-made drinks.

My 6-drink menu went as follows:

Before my first drink - green tea with no sweetener
10 a.m. - Green Juice (kale has never tasted so good)
12 p.m. - Green Juice
2 p.m. - Green Juice (yeah, you start not caring for the taste at this point)
4 p.m. - Yellow Juice  (spicy lemonade)
5 p.m. - Green Juice (oh hey, you)
7 p.m. - White Juice (come here you!!! Best for last)

(In between these drinks I made sure to drink lots of water and tea because your body is trying to get rid of all these toxins)

How did I feel?
Honestly? Fatigued. I took a nap between the yellow juice and the next green juice in order to get through the rest of the evening. I felt like I couldn't even walk up the stairs and I had a headache. I always feel this way on the second day of a cleanse, but never the first day. Perhaps the detox effects were hitting sooner than usual.

Day Two

I swear I sleep so well when I cleanse. My mom apologized for the ringing phone at 7 a.m., but I did not even hear it. My menu was the exact same as the day before.

How did I feel?
Still weak, but less fatigued. I find that I do get irritable in-between the juices, but I just try to take it easy and use these times as a reflection. No, I'm not hungry for food or anything, but I definitely miss the concept of cooking. I think I may bake something tomorrow just to satisfy my culinary cravings. Additionally, I took a bath, which really helped to relax me even more. If you have epsom salts, I'd definitely recommend putting those into your bath to help clear out the toxins. I'm definitely looking forward to the end of day 3 though!

Stay tuned to the blog if you want to see day 3 and the conclusion!!!

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