Friday, February 8, 2013

1st Day After Cleanse

You think I'd be running towards the potato chips, burgers and chocolate, but my body is starting to appreciate my growing will power. Yes, I would love to have a fatty handful of eggplant fries that my chef made for lunch, but I also know how crappy that would make me feel. So instead, I had the morning raspberry shake offered by Dr. Oz. I did this not to torture myself, but to get my metabolism going in order to begin eating solids again.

For lunch, I had half of the lunch shake by Dr. Oz along with 2 cups of watermelon. I was shocked when it took me an hour to finish half of the bowl of fruit because usually I would complete the dish in 10 minutes. My stomach really did shrink!

Dinner was the ultimate test. Our chef created a dinner date feast with the fraternity next door.
Lobster tails and butter, steak, teriyaki salmon, mashed potatoes...

Buffalo cauliflower, shrimp cocktail...

Just be glad I didn't take pictures of the chocolate fudge cake, raspberry cheesecake,  jellybean champagne glass, Lindt truffle bowl...Lord have mercy.

It was hard to resist a lot of the temptations, but the cleanse gave me the power to see past the deliciousness. Instead I made a mango, almond milk smoothie with a bowl of blueberries to chew on.

I thought dinner was hard. My body was aching for my pillow, but as a senior in college, I wasn't ready to sacrifice my social life completely! With a pre-bar to attend, I pulled myself together and allowed myself to have one glass of red wine. While not the biggest red wine fan, my friend Ruthie let me have some of her Yellow Tail Sweet Red Roo. It actually tasted pretty good. I could only sip it very slowly though due to its intensity, but that helped me make it through the night.

At 2 in the morning, I made a cup of tea and called it a day. 1st day down, tomorrow is the initiation of raw veggies! Will keep you updated.

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