Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dr. Oz Detox Cleanse Day 1


After two weeks of nonstop stress, no sleep, eating crap due to greek sorority recruitment, I thought it was time to reset my body with this three day wholesome detox. It's not so much for losing weight as it is to feel better about my body, mind and soul (not to detract from the fact spring break is 5 weeks away!!).  I have intolerances to avocados and bananas, so I've eliminated them from the shakes. Additionally, I am a gluten free vegan, so my body may be more used to this type of plant based diet than others. 

At 10 a.m. yesterday morning, I ran to the grocery store with my roommate and spent $52 on all the necessities. The next few days I will write about how I feel throughout the detox in hopes it helps others deciding between trying it or not. 

3 days worth of juices.

Day 1
11am-I had my first shake (here is the link to all the recipes). It tasted good and I finished it under 10 minutes with all of my vitamins. I was incredibly full afterwards, which didn't surprise me. I felt strong and energetic, which masked the original grogginess I felt when waking up after eating poorly the day before. For some reason I was very giggly as well. 

12:45pm-Bootcamp class. I wasn't too worried about working out this early on in the cleanse, but I didn't want to push myself too hard. Overall, it was a fine workout, but I definitely was working up an appetite for shake number 2

2pm-After a quick shower, I blended up all the ingredients and quickly slurped down the second shake. It tasted good at first, but I am no beginner to green smoothie shakes. The kale is very overpowering so I recommend adding less than a cup at first. My body is very sensitive to foods, which is why one hour later I developed severe stomach cramps.They were so bad that when I was sitting in class and in my meetings, I seriously believed I was going to faint. I've experienced this feeling before when eating avocados and bananas, so I knew all I could do was to sit it out. The pain passed in an hour. Mentally, this had drained me to the point all I wanted was to sleep. I felt full still after my 5 pm class ended. So I skipped the snack smoothie recommended. I found my roommate passed out in bed. Fatigue definitely hit her hard, which is a side effect of detoxing. She found the green shake much harder to swallow than I did. 

6:30pm-Time for the dinner smoothie. Overall, this was my least favorite tasting smoothie. Perhaps it was due to the unbalanced flavors because I had to omit avocados. Additionally, I may have put too much cayenne pepper in the mixture. It was so spicy that all my sinuses were cleared within seconds. I started to feel energized and giddy again. My roommate on the other hand was miserable. She couldn't get her mind off of food and was on the verge of tears. I went off to a group meeting and she went to the Syracuse vs. Notre Dame basketball game (Cuse won!!). When we met back up a couple hours later, she had given up. My other friend doing the BluePrint cleanse also gave up as well (BluePrint is much more expensive than the Dr. Oz cleanse). Although I definitely was starting to get mentally slower, I still felt clear enough to pick up my friend, drive her to get froyo and watch her eat it without any misery. 
Dinner Shake...meh.

8pm-Ok, here is where I struggled the most. I always end up binge eating around this time of the day. No matter how well I eat during the morning to dinner, I always crash and burn before bed. So I made a cup of roobios tea and prepared myself for bed.

I had the deepest sleep I've had in a while. With constant insomnia, nightmares and restless sleep, this meant a lot to me. Overall, a successful first day! Not too hard!

Tune in tomorrow for day 2!!!

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