Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dr. Oz Detox Cleanse Day 3

8am-My alarm was set of 10:45a.m., yet my body naturally woke me up after around nine hours of sleep. My stomach was definitely uncomfortable when rising out of bed, but after my morning restroom routine, I began to feel the positive effects of the cleanse. Yes, I'm still a little fatigued, but I feel light and refreshed. Of course I had to weight myself too. I had to reweigh myself five times because it kept saying I lost 2.5 pounds since yesterday. Nah...can't be right...just water weight. But I looked in the mirror and my abs were definitely on show and everything seems tighter. While the actual weight loss may only be water weight, I won't complain with the way I look or feel! I actually feel like I could extend this detox for days-I can't fathom consuming solids now and the shakes aren't a disgusting thought to me anymore (besides the kale). I'm starting to research how to break this liquid detox come tomorrow morning.

10:30am-Time for the morning shake! My body accepted the shake, as usual, since the breakfast one never gave me any problems. I felt no immediate surge of energy, but my head never felt clearer. My hair feels so soft and has an attractive sheen.

12:45pm-I wasn't too worried going into my bootcamp workout, but quickly realized that activities like high-knees were making me extremely dizzy. Regardless, I pushed through and I realized that I actually was moving very efficiently. I was running suicides faster than anyone else, which was a side effect of how light and nimble I was feeling.

2pm-My lunch shake was filling, but I accidentally forgot to add kale (thank the lord). The kale upsets my stomach anyway. I noticed my rate of production increased and I was able to participate in the lecture and discussion unlike ever before. Still tired, but definitely loving these positive symptoms.

Slurp, slurp, slurp.

6:30pm-Okay. So about this situation...watching all of my friends eating my favorite meal right now. I live in a sorority and my chef made veggie burgers, an amazing broccoli cole slaw side dish and a tempting pasta salad. My dinner? A mango, kale and blueberry smoothie with stupid lemon seeds in it because they fell into the blender-YUCK! I couldn't even finish it. I'm so done. DONE! I WANT OUT!!!!

My main concern is that tomorrow I will begin breaking the cleanse. Through extensive research, I've been told to return to normal eating habits very slowly. Day one should be very similar to day three, but adding fruit solids (uh am I supposed to drink?! #Collegestudentproblems). Day two allows for vegetable solids (a salad will never taste this good). Finally, day three finally invites the fats and grains that were absent for nearly a week. And for those who are meat eaters, meat can be consumed day four and seafood on day five (seafood is harder for the body to digest because it makes your body very acidic).

I plan on blogging the next few days for the reason I think cleanse recovery is equally as important to the cleanse itself and that not enough people blog about it.

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