Friday, July 29, 2011

Foods for Summer: Grilled Bell Peppers

So easy, so colorful, so flavorful and SO SUMMER!

I recommend getting all the colors because while they're the same fruit, they all have a unique taste and sweetness!

  • Bell peppers (the amount above was serving 4 people, so make you're own judgement on how many you'll need)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and Pepper (ground up)
That's it. So simple!

  1. Heat up the grill!
  2. In the sink, rinse off your peppers to clean off any pesticides. (Safe fruit is great fruit...Lil Wayne?)
  3. Cut up your peppers in half and remove the stems and seeds. Then cut them into thick slices lengthwise and lay them out on a serving tray.
  4. Bush a light coating of olive oil onto the strips. 
  5. Lightly season the strips with salt and pepper. 
  6. Take the strips to the grill. Place them skin down onto the grill so that you'll get the blistery effect. Depending on your grill you'll let them sit for 3-8 minutes depending on your liking.
  7. Flip over the peppers and for 2-4 minutes let them sit. You'll only need half the time for this side of the pepper.
  8. Put them back onto the serving plate and eat! So nom.

Grilling veggies is such a summer thing, so try it out before it's too late.

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