Friday, May 27, 2011

Corona Cake

My boyfriend just turned 21. I'm pretty cheesy when it comes to birthdays and so I decided that a Corona shaped cake would suffice.
I spent 4 hours working on this little guy. He tasted great.

I make the cake from scratch, I'll send a link to the recipe since it was AMAZING. 
It's extremely moist (oh, that word...moist). The recipe includes a cup of fresh brewed coffee rather than water or milk. I HATE coffee, but it ended up tasting so rich and chocolaty rather than "coffee-y."

 And prior to baking, the batter looked as if it was drowning, but that is how it's supposed to look.

It comes out like this:
And I don't even like chocolate cake!

I basically just waited a while for the cake to cool. Then I cut out the shape I wanted and frosted the entire surface. Food coloring and some gel icing were the final touches.

As you can see, he was shocked with the cake.

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