Saturday, October 6, 2012

Best Finds

Since I tend to discover some crazy, random awesome things throughout my weekly ventures into the dense Internet forest, I compiled a list of MUST SEE sites for you. 


Five Sex Moves Every 20-Something Should Know About

This article will literally have you ROFLing. You'll never expect what you're about to read.


Free Jewelry with Every Candle? COOL!

Diamond Candles just came up with the most girly (aka most amazing) idea ever. Room smell good, fingers look better.


How to Make Your Food Taste Unreal!!!

You put what on your what?!?! Oh, actually that is the most brilliant idea ever. 


Nobody Here...Just Me

Pretty much the most peculiar site I've ever spent over an hour on. Literally. Words can't explain.


Snacks Under 50 Calories

Ok, ok, I get it. I binge eat after dinner. Those leftovers and sweets just taste so much better after I stuff my face with dinner. Now you can be good, with all those bad intentions with these nomnoms.

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