Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kate Brodock on Digital and Social Media Strategy and Integration

Kate Brodock (aka @Just_Kate) is Executive Director of Digital & Social Media at Syracuse University. Today, she discussed the use and importance of social media in communications at Syracuse University (@SyracuseU) and for everyday usage.

  1. megangriffo
    .@SyracuseU uses a student #SM team. Why? Students have insane school spirit, are engaged, and have a little bit more fun. #NewhouseSM4
  2. josemoreno8792
    Having a student team really gives the University's account an authentic feel to it. #NewhouseSM4
  3. lysmiron
    "It takes a mental shift to realize that social media channels need to be an integrated part of what your doing..." @Just_Kate #NewhouseSM4
  4. katelynnmoreau
    If a PR crisis or any sort of emotion pops up for SU, the social media venues are the first to hear of it#NewhouseSM4
  5. relinowes
    Social Media channels need to be an extension of existing communications and PR strategy.#NewhouseSM4
  6. adelynlee
    Four audiences for university social media channels: prospective students, current students, alumni, community members. #NewhouseSM4
  7. jeannecloyd
    understand your online community and speak to them in a way that will appeal to them @just_kate#NewhouseSM4
  8. acptachi
    Did you know there is a campus twitter account?@SUCampus#NewhouseSM4
  9. averyhartmans
    SU is on Pinterest, Instagram, G+, YouTube and soon to be Tumblr #wellconnected #engaged#NewhouseSM4
  10. beneg92
    "There are over 700 SM accounts officially associated with this University. Almost 1/3rd of them are inactive." -@just_kate #NewhouseSM4
  11. lindsaybarton7
    It's easy to set up a FB page, but people need to think about their goals, what they want to achieve and who will post content. #NewhouseSM4
  12. lysmiron
    Most people get crippled at the idea of content creation and content curation says @Just_Kate #NewhouseSM4
  13. snbouvia
    If you're only curating content, you're just directing people to other sources. Be the thought leader!@Just_kate #NewhouseSM4
  14. (In the meantime, while Kate is speaking to the class...)
  15. bmburr
    I wonder if it's hard to lecture a class where 100% of the students are looking at there computers.#NewhouseSM4
  16. We don't get many live speakers...but we are listening!
  17. GSYellin
    Content curation is going out and finding valuable content for your audience. Like an art gallery curator@just_Kate #NewhouseSM4
  18. ndkeehan
    Blogging needs a visual element now - that's how people are consuming digital content. @just_kate.#newhousesm4
  19. relinowes
    People are digesting digital content in a different way than even 5-10 years ago. - @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
  20. daniemarieodie
    Create "warm and fuzzies" aka strong relationships with audience, #adorable @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
  21. lysmiron
    Drip marketing: consistent ongoing touch points to your audiences so it creates a more emotion filled relationship #NewhouseSM4
  22. jeannecloyd
    #Twitter provides the strongest opportunity for engagement @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
  23. megangriffo
    .@SyracuseU has a phenomenal @Pinterest. Like, really phenomenal. #NewhouseSM4
  24. laurenfabrizi
    Just because Pinterest is a visual platform, does not mean you can throw any photo up there" -@just_kate#NewhouseSM4
  25. adelynlee
    There are also lots of legal things to pay attention to when pinning.. #newhouseSM4


  1. Great storify! I liked the little tid bits you added in between the tweets. Very conversational. #NewhouseSM4

  2. I agree! Your comments really make the storify flow! Great post!