Monday, October 1, 2012

The Two Color French Manicure

Colors: Tightrope by Circus (Andrea's Choice) and White by Milani (Nail Art with Precision Brush)

I'm pretty much all about this trend right now. Since I'm a big nail risk taker, and the wacky nail trend is still going strong, I'm going to explain how I did this lovely, bright look for you!

Step one: Apply even base coat
Step two: Apply two coats of your color choice. Let the colors completely dry before moving on

Step three: If you have a precision brush nail polish and are confident in drawing the french tip, carefully draw even lines on each nail (your choice in color) like I did above. If you are less confident, or don't have a precision brush, purchase paper reinforcers or painter's tape and place like so:

Step four: Apply the tip color to your nails and let dry completely
Step five: Apply layer of top coat over nails and let dry. Enjoy!!

Endless of possibilities!

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