Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halcyon: New Album by Ellie Goulding

Finally, it's here. The day I've been anticipating for months on months.

With its fresh-out-the-oven release October 9 in America, Halcyon hits the heart hard, with no warning. It leaves you vulnerable as it wraps its lyrics and melody around your body. Your heartbeat picks up to match the fantastical drumbeat. This...this is what it feels to fall in love.

If you're curious, halcyon means "Denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful." Taking this meaning into consideration prior to listening to the album will help you relate best to each song in particular. 

The album reels you in with "Don't Say A Word" with moans that turn into a full blown rave in your mind. "My Blood" secures you as its pray, along with a crowd favorite "Figure 8."

"Halcyon", "JOY" and "Dead In The Water" are more thoughtful pieces that tug at your heart strings. 

The entire album is an emotional roller coaster lifts you to your highest heights, whipping your hair back and forth with delight, and then drops you down into a introspective, darker place. And before you know it, the ride is over and all you want is to go on it again.

Please take the time to listen and support Ellie by buying your favorites. Her album oozes all the hard work she put into it and I'm a very, very proud fan.

Bonus: Ellie on the Today Show October 11, 2012
Interview with Matt Lauer and singing "Anything Can Happen"

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