Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Dalai Lama's Lasting Social Media Effect on the Global Community


The Dalai Lama's Lasting Social Media Effect on the Global Community
  1. Wrapping up his USA tour, the Dalai Lama lands in Syracuse, New York for events that amplified his message for peace. Beginning his visit with discussion panels, he surrounded himself with amazing participants: Martin Luther King III; Nobel Peace Laureate and Iranian human rights lawyer Shirin Ebadi; Nobel Peace Laureate and former director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed ElBaradei; Academy Award winning composer, UN Ambassador and philanthropist A.R. Rahman; and Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi.

    While everyone in the audience was affected by the enlightened words of each individual on stage, the real impact was documented through social media outlets, especially Twitter. Twitter allowed everyone to unite their responses with one simple hashtag: CGPGlobal. In all, the events were able to attract over 2.2 MILLION impressions and trended nationally on Twitter. Believe in social media or not, but the effective evidence is out there!

    Below are a compilation of responses that recorded the audience's live reaction to the event. 

    1. relinowes
      In the Internet era, we are all conscious of events going on around the world. We have a social duty to react to such happenings. #CGPGlobal
    2. HannahRose41
      Social media and global consciousness to be addressed#CGPGlobal #NewhouseSM4
    3. daniemarieodie
      We have a responsibility as global citizens to raise this global conciousness. -Saberi #CGPGlobal
    4. NewsHouseLive
      "We are realizing more and more than each voice can make a difference." -@SaberiRoxana #CGPGlobal
    5. DR4WARD
      Wow! #CGPGlobal total Livestream views have passed 10,000 for @DalaiLama speaking at
    6. EvaMZymaris
      His Holiness instills the message of "peace" among the younger generations, by empowering others to change this consciousness #CGPGlobal
    7. CDeBaise124
      Panel answers questions from the audience, attained through the web. Role of social media in event very apparent #CGPGlobal @dailyorange
    8. LilyKirov
      "Q: The best way to change the world? A: Be the change!" #CGPGlobal
    9. KristySmorol
      Inspired by tweets from #CGPGlobal and#CGPDemocracy. Wish I could be there. Thanks to those tweeting for the vicarious experience!!
    10. katelynnmoreau
      The panel is currently taking questions from the twitter stream and email #CGPGlobal
    11. camila_espina
      You know times are changing when the Dalai Lama weighs in on using #socialmedia for peace #CGPGlobal
    12. lysmiron
      Great suggestions by Roxana, to help the @DalaiLamareach even more people through social media (See? We all can be teachers ) #CGPGlobal
    13. katelynnmoreau
      "I have over 9 Million likes on Facebook and that terrifies me - what if I like the wrong thing?" - A.R. Rahman #CGPGlobal
    14. NewsHouseLive
      "If we use these technologies for positive purposes, for peace, then these instruments are very, very helpful." -@DalaiLama #CGPGlobal

    15. katelynnmoreau
      Closing out #CGPGlobal with a song from Liel Kolet and a choir of 6 young girls from the Middle

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