Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lessons from a Pro: @Britopian from @EdelmanDigital

Michael Brito, Senior Vice President of Social Business Planning takes time to Skype about social business

  1. There is no better way to learn about social media and business than from an expert. Fortunately, Michael Brito took time out of his schedule to speak to our social media class in Newhouse. Here are a few highlights from the discussion.
  2. beneg92
    Awesome having @Britopian talking with us in class today. An industry leader in #SocialBusiness.#NewhouseSM4
  3. rachaelgrannell
    Brands need to start thinking like a media company so they can reach out to customers - @Britopian#socialbusiness #NewhouseSM4
  4. lysmiron
    A multi-screen economy=an attention economy. "we want to be stimulated all the time" @Britopian
  5. lysmiron
    "Our attention factor only wants to consume relevant content" @Britopian why we need a multi-screen economy #NewhouseSM4 #Social Business
  6. laurenfabrizi
    "Consumers here things five times before they start to believe it" - @Britopian #newhouseSM4
  7. megangriffo
    "Have a core message that's consistent across all mediums." - @Britopian #NewhouseSM4#socialbusiness

  8. adelynlee
    @britopian answers questions about employee engagement for @ S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications
  9. AlexandraMontg7
    "Everyone has a voice. Everyone is influential."@Britopian #newhousesm4
  10. daniemarieodie
    We're influenced by organic conversations happening on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs it's what influences us as consumers @Britopian #NewhouseSM4
  11. NatManeval
    We want to tell the same story at multiple point.@Britopian #NewhouseSM4
  12. daniemarieodie
    Consumers trust employees more than they trust marketing specialists who are putting out one sided interactions #NewhouseSM4 @Britopian
  13. celestetatertot
    According to @Britopian@Oreo is the currently the most successful brand on social media. Yum.#NewhouseSM4 #SocialBusiness
  14. MerinPasternak
    Thanks @Britopian for talking with #NewhouseSM4this afternoon from @EdelmanDigital

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